10 reasons to work from home

Remote work gives a lot of benefits both for companies and employees. Do not return your teams back to office. It’s time to work from home forever!

1. Reduce traffic jams

A lot of cars in rush hours are folks commuting to offices. You dislike staying in a traffic jam. Don’t waste your time. There are many research papers that long commuting has negative impact on your health.

2. Reduce emissions

Cleaner air, less carbon dioxide emitted to atmosphere, less exhaust fumes and more money saved in your wallet. Keep your company eco-friendly.

3. Stop depopulation

Stop depopulation of smaller towns and villages. Today technology gives the opportunity to work remotely from around the world. No more barriers. You may hire talented specialists from anywhere without the need of relocation.

4. Improve work efficiency

Studies show that working from home is more efficient that working in office. It’s because there are less factors to interrupt your work and you may focus on your dutes. Today open-space offices are noise generators and more than 20% of time spent there is drinking coffee in kitchen, playing games, talks, etc.

5. More time for children

If you work in office, every day you waste your time for morning routine and stay in traffic jams in your car. If you worked from home, you could spend more time with your wife, children or keep it for yourself.

6. Sleep longer or begin work earlier

No need to commute. You may sleep longer or get up early and start working!

7. No need to rent room/flat

No more need to relocate to a big city. No more need to rent a room and share it with roommates. You will save more money and work from your home.

8. Reduce diseases transmission

There are many other dangerous diseases except COVID-19. You work with ill colleague, you get infected and you transmit it to your children that transmit disease in children garden and those children transmit it to parents, then… Stop this transmission chain now.

9. Reduce excuses

Broken car? Snowstorm? Cough? No more excuses. You only need power and Internet. You don’t need to come to office to do anything related with job.

10. Reduce company costs

Companies may reduce their office space and even switch 100% to Internet.

11. Easier access to talented specialists

No more need of relocation. You get easier access to specialists from around the World. It’s no matter where they live.

12. Increase flexibility

Unexpected failure at midnight? No need to commute to office unless this it not a hardware problem within your network infrastructure. Your employees have remote access from home and may instantly fix the issue.

13. No more hanging around

First coffee, second coffee, third coffee, gossips in kitchen, playing on console, discussions all over the time and only one hour of effective work. Work time is not the time to socialize your employees. It’s better idea to throw parties after job once in a month, organize integration events, trips, etc.

14. Focus on your work

Can you focus on your work effectively in open space? Compare it with remote work. This is reason not to bring your employees back to office.

15. Technology

There are many project management systems and communicators dedicated for remote work. Many years ago WebEx and Skype were the most popular conference programs. COVID-19 pandemic boosted improvement of this segment. Currently even 300 folks may talk on cams in Microsoft Teams.

You remember meetings in airless conference rooms. You took binoculars to see anything on screen or board. At home you sit comfortably in front of your computer, someother share screen/slides, you may see everything.

No more garbage sticky notes. Everything is digitized online.